The fool hath said in his heart "There is no God" Psalm 14:1
"Would any one trust in the convictions of a monkey's mind, if there are any convictions in such a mind?" --Charles Darwin
The fool hath said in his heart "There is no God" Psalm 14:1
"Would any one trust in the convictions of a monkey's mind, if there are any convictions in such a mind?" --Charles Darwin

Evolution Is A Religion!

Well, I've been treated to two choice examples - actually three - once again demonstrating that Evolution is really a religious belief. The first was hearing Lawrence Krauss tell us to "forget Jesus" because it was really the stars that died so we could be born. Say what? "Science" tells us we're all stardust. Nobody even questions it. It's a faith belief. Nobody ever saw a star turn into a human being, nor will they. This stuff is laughable! But the only ones laughing were his students because, like good evolution sheep they just obeyed what the good professor said unquestioningly.

Then on a radio program we heard how mosquitoes have the same sensory receptor in their antennae as in their sperm and how wonderful, magical evolution "co-opts" the good, useful molecules and assigns them different functions. The sense molecule arose in the mosquito's reproductive system, then was "co-opted" by the antennae! Isn't evolution just magical? Well, no. What's magical is how we, in hindsight, can see so clearly exactly what miracles evolution performed even though we have no empirical proof that such a thing ever happened. At the end of the program they praised the "good news of natural history!" Whatever that means. Good news? We evolved from fish and we're going to die and just be molecules again? Is that what they mean?

Finally, heard a speaker tell of when he went to an exhibit of the Australopithecine "Lucy" bones. As they walked into the exhibit they were told to "hush." For some dead simian bones? You have to hush like you're entering a monastery?

Tell me Evodelusion isn't a religion!

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Aliens on Mars

Now we have the "alien skull" on Mars in the news. As with all things evolutionary, people see what they want to see. I happen to be currently reading Confessions of An Alien Hunter, by Seth Shostak of SETI (with whom I've had some contact (no pun intended) in the past). If it were not for the religion of Evolution, or Evodelusion as I prefer calling it, we wouldn't be searching for aliens. The book is more an apologeitc for why we should keep dumping money into a useless search than any actual, substantive scientific evidence that aliens really exist. So, we have no evidence that evolution ever did, or could, actually have happened, but we're searching for evidence that it happened elsewhere. Oh, and another thing: We don't recognize signs of intelligent design on Earth, but we'll sure recognize them if we receive a signal from ET!

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"For all we know, earthly life may be the only life there is. I personally judge it to be more likely than not that there is intelligent life elsewhere in our universe, outside our solar system. I do not exclude the possibility that we are the only intelligent beings; however, if I adopt that assumption, there is really nothing more to say, whereas the opposite view leads to interesting trains of thought."
--Ronald N. Bracewell. Intelligent Life in Outer Space. W. H. Freeman & Co., 1975, p. 15.

This is where "modern" science has brought us. The ONLY reason anyone would even consider the existence of ET life is because of their faith in the religion of Evodelusion. Just look at what he says.

"I personally judge it to be more likely..." Based on WHAT exactly? Well, as the book makes clear, based on his faith that the universe popped into existence from nothing and stardust somehow turned into people. If it happened here (which it did not) then it can happen anywhere, right?

"There is really nothing more to say..." REALLY? You mean we can't study the universe, Earth and living things on Earth without believing in fictitious green men from other planets?

"...Interesting trains of thought." Translation: Fantasy stories about alien life. Science fiction, in other words. We can IMAGINE whatever worlds and life forms we want, and who's going to say we're wrong? They just MIGHT be out there!

Yes, folks, this is the modern "science" of imagination.

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B. Franklin, Printer
(Like the Cover of an Old Book
Its Contents torn Out
And Stript of its Lettering and Gilding)
Lies Here, Food for Worms.
But the Work shall not be Lost;
For it will (as he Believ'd) Appear once More
In a New and More Elegant Edition
Revised and Corrected
By the Author.

The epitaph of Benjamin Franklin, just one more of those individuals who didn't really accomplish much because he believed in God.

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