John has loved astronomy since he was a little child, and would now consider himself an "advanced amateur." His first "real" telescope was a 2.5" Newtonian reflector made by a company called Harmonic Reed. He's been through many telescopes. His current setup includes a Tele Vue NP101 for wide-field astrophotography, and a Celestron 9.25" EdgeHD for other deep sky, planetary, and lunar photography, used interchangeably on a Celestron CGX mount.

The main camera used for DSOs is a Nikon D5300, which has been astro-modified to allow for more sensitivity in the Hydrogen-alpha region of the spectrum.

The main camera used for lunar and planetary images has been a ZWO ASI290MC. Initial polar alignment of the mount is done with PoleMaster.

Imaging and processing software include:

  • FireCapture
  • AutoStakkert!2
  • RegiStax
  • DeepSkyStacker
  • LightRoom
  • PhotoShop

Autoguiding software used is PHD, with a 60mm Astromania guidescope, and a ZWO ASI290MM Mini guide camera.

Laura became interested in astronomy before we were married, and now helps with some of the technical details of setting up for tracking and imaging, then John takes over and does the rest through post-processing. Without her help this would be twice as hard and time-consuming.

Before you enjoy the views, here are a few things we'd like to share:

  1. We believe God created the Heavens and Earth about 6000 years ago.
  2. We do not believe in extraterrestrial life. That's an evolutionary fantasy.
  3. We do not believe stars are being born. That is based on evolutionary dogma, not reality.
  4. We do not believe in the Big Bang. It is an evolutionary religious myth - our secular creation story.
  5. We reject any notion of the evolution of living things, and especially that we are all "stardust."
  6. We believe that the Creation has been corrupted by man, but will one day be restored by God.

Finally, we believe God created the Universe for our enjoyment, and gave us brains to discover what He has created so that we can see His infinite wisdom, His infinite creativity, and His infinite love and care for human beings, and worship Him for them. Our desire with these images is to convey God's truth in some feeble way, as we see before our eyes not only the wonders of His creation, but the truth of His word, namely that, despite the beauty of many objects, they're really signs of decay, just as the Bible says that the heavens and Earth are wasting away, until the day when God renews all things.