Aliens on Mars

Now we have the “alien skull” on Mars in the news. As with all things evolutionary, people see what they want to see. I happen to be currently reading Confessions of An Alien Hunter, by Seth Shostak of SETI (with whom I’ve had some contact (no pun intended) in the past). If it were not for the religion of Evolution, or Evodelusion as I prefer calling it, we wouldn’t be searching for aliens. The book is more an apologeitc for why we should keep dumping money into a useless search than any actual, substantive scientific evidence that aliens really exist. So, we have no evidence that evolution ever did, or could, actually have happened, but we’re searching for evidence that it happened elsewhere. Oh, and another thing: We don’t recognize signs of intelligent design on Earth, but we’ll sure recognize them if we receive a signal from ET!