Coronavirus: Where Is God?

It did not take long for questions like, “Where is God during the coronavirus pandemic?” to hit the news headlines. Funny how when things are going well, for most of us it doesn’t matter where God is. But suddenly there’s a crisis that upsets our comfort zones and pocketbooks, and people whose thoughts every waking hour have nothing whatsoever to do with God start wondering where He is. Yet another excuse to blame God for our ills. Or, perhaps in other words, When is He going to start doing us some favors and get this over with so we can get back to forgetting about Him again? In my lifetime I’ve seen my share of crises, and once they’re over, we’re back to normal.

First, lest I sound too harsh here, yes, it’s understandable that people would ask such questions. Even believers in God do so. I certainly wonder sometimes how long God can bear to watch humanity and Creation suffer and decay before He brings it to an end. But there’s a difference. As a believer in God, Jesus Christ and the Bible, I’m not immune (word choice intended) to some of the evils that beset the world, like the colon cancer I had not long ago; I just know they’re not going to last forever, I know WHY they’re happening, and I know the end of the story. And for me and others like me, who love, trust, and have faith in the God of the Bible, the story has a very happy ending! If you’ve never read the book of Job, there’s no time like the present. THAT’s how the story ends when you reverence God like Job did. God’s worst enemy, Satan, attacked Job. But God brought Job through horrendous trials and blessed him beyond what he had prior to the storm, after the storm had passed.

But what about those who hate God? Should He just give them blanket pardon, continue making their lives comfortable, and give in to their demands? My wife and I sell books online, and occasionally read an online bookseller forum. Some of the recent covid-19 related comments there have been as vile as suggesting that we use the thin pages of Bibles as toilet tissue. Of course, they would not dare say anything like that about the Quran. Cowards attack the Bible because they know they’ll likely get away with it. Part of the reason Christians endure that kind of insult is because they understand and know that God will take care of it some day, and we also know they’re not attacking “us,” but rather God and His Son. There will be a Judgment and everyone will give an answer for what he or she has done. We need not fight God’s battles with fists and swords. God will take care of His own battles. For now, our battle is with words – God’s words.

I recall entering the home of someone with a severe infirmity not long after the September 11 massacre, a man whose back was bent forward and who could not lift himself up, and posted high up on one of his walls was the front page of a newspaper with a picture of the twin towers on fire and the huge healine, “WHY, GOD?” If anyone had a “right” to ask that question, this man did. But did anyone ask, “WHY MAN?” Did God perpetrate that evil? No, but then why did He even allow it? If God does really exist, why does He permit such things as murder and pestilence and crippling diseases to happen? By the end of this article, you’ll have the answer to that question. But first, I have a couple of questions myself.

Question #1: CORONAVIRUS: WHERE ARE THE EVOLUTIONISTS? Why are they not flooding the news media with articles telling us that this is just “Mother Nature” doing her thing, killing off her children, sacrificing them to the god of “Natural Selection?” After all, isn’t “Nature” just running its course here, culling out the “unfit” members of our species so the robust ones can continue enjoying their lattes unimpeded? Why are evolutionists not proclaiming their gospel that we’re nothing but stardust anyhow, so what difference does it make if a few of us are returning to the status of a bunch of random molecules? Who cares? Why SHOULD we care? Why aren’t they telling us to pull out our darwinian books to read them in search of answers? Perhaps because, in dire situations like the present, they know full well there ARE no answers in empty darwinist philosophy? Could that be why? Because they’d be embarrassed to face someone who’s lost a loved one and tell them, “Well, it’s over. They’re gone. Nature at its best.” Where are the evolutionists who can comfort us and give us hope in the current situation? WHERE ARE THEY?

Question #2: CORONAVIRUS: WHERE ARE THE ATHEISTS? Are they out caring for the sick and hurting, or are they doing all they can to avoid any threat of themselves becoming victims? After all, this is all about “my” survival and comfort. What is it in the Atheist Religious Creed that specifies care or concern for your fellow man? “Me” is all that matters. Oh, they come up with the occasional argument to show how “moral” they are, but in reality the Atheist has no basis for ethics or morality other than what’s best for him or her. In the meantime, all those religious “God believers” are out doing the work of caring for the sick and dying. Why? Because that’s what their belief system demands of them. There is no Golden Rule in Atheism, only the rule of gold, and do unto others what’s best for you.

So, back to the question of where God is… Where are YOU when the going is good? Does God just hang somewhere in the background like a dartboard when things are good, waiting for you to turn against Him when the bad times come? Do you thank God for the good things He gives you, or just curse Him for the bad ones? Do you blame God for all the evil in the world, while you yourself commit covert or overt evil acts that you know are contrary to His will and laws? Even people who claim God doesn’t exist somehow “find” Him when it’s time to lay blame. Well, here’s the answer: You are to blame. I am to blame. Not God. God is right now, somewhere in the world, giving mankind the ability to overcome this disease, whether through the immune system that He pre-programmed into us, or by the wisdom that He grants to medical and pharmaceutical experts. And if and when we do find a cure or vaccine, are we going to thank Him for it? For most people, not likely. He’ll be back on the shelf till the next time we need to lay blame.

THE ANSWER: God gave us everything we could possibly want and need when He created the first humans. He put us in the Garden of Eden Paradise, but gave us one measly little choice to show for sure that we love Him and want His best for us, and we blew it big time. He gave Adam and Eve, the progenitors of humanity, one little choice – a piece of fruit – that would show their loyalty or disdain for Him, and what did they choose? Because they had everything except that one little piece of “forbidden fruit,” they decided they wanted everything INCLUDING that little piece of fruit, and God’s word and His will be damned. They chose to follow Satan’s word instead, the lie that if they took that fruit, they’d be their own gods, make their own choices and decisions, and not have to answer to anybody anytime anywhere, including their Maker, and we all have followed in their rebellion. It is called “sin.” The result of that, thousands of years later, was a theory that gave mankind an excuse to finally kick God out of His world – the excuse that everything made itself – and finally we have a pathetic attempt to explain everything without any recourse to a Creator. So why should we expect God to give us a bed of roses when all we do is curse Him for the thorns or pretend He’s not even there?

Adam and Eve made a fatal mistake – literally. From that point on, God slowly began to allow the world to collapse as we tried running things our way, and death and evil began to permeate humanity and all Creation. It did not take long before we started killing each other. Was Abel’s death at the hand of his brother Cain God’s fault? We wanted things our way, God gave that to us, and we are reaping the results of trying to run the universe without Him.

So, where is He?




Is that last one good enough? Apparently not. God became man, suffered on our behalf so that we could have eternal life, showed us the way back to God and Heaven through faith in Christ, did miracles right before our eyes to show He really was God in the flesh come to save us from ourselves, and what did we do?

WE NAILED HIM TO A CROSS. We told Him we’d rather have a murderer go free than Him. We spat on Him, mocked Him, flogged Him, insulted Him, thrust a spear into His side as a final act of hatred just to be sure God was dead, and you know what? WE ARE STILL DOING THAT. “Where is God in the coronavirus? Can’t He do something about this? How can He allow this? Does He even exist? His word is worth no more to me than toilet paper.”

Well, go find your Atheist and Evolutionist friends, and ask them to explain it all to you better than God can. Ask them why these things happen. Ask them if this is just all part of the “natural” course of existence, and whether we should even bother doing anything about it. Ask them to offer you some hope for your future and afterlife. They won’t. They can’t. Only empty words telling you how wonderful it is that you came from the stars and will return to them some day. Thanks a lot. Once again, that explains everything.

Where is God? No, WHERE ARE YOU? Still clinging to your modern creation myth called Evolution? Still preaching your Atheist gospel of no God while doing everything you can to fight the reality of His existence? I want to hear from God’s detractors: