Evolution Is A Religion!

Well, I’ve been treated to two choice examples – actually three – once again demonstrating that Evolution is really a religious belief. The first was hearing Lawrence Krauss tell us to “forget Jesus” because it was really the stars that died so we could be born. Say what? “Science” tells us we’re all stardust. Nobody even questions it. It’s a faith belief. Nobody ever saw a star turn into a human being, nor will they. This stuff is laughable! But the only ones laughing were his students because, like good evolution sheep they just obeyed what the good professor said unquestioningly.

Then on a radio program we heard how mosquitoes have the same sensory receptor in their antennae as in their sperm and how wonderful, magical evolution “co-opts” the good, useful molecules and assigns them different functions. The sense molecule arose in the mosquito’s reproductive system, then was “co-opted” by the antennae! Isn’t evolution just magical? Well, no. What’s magical is how we, in hindsight, can see so clearly exactly what miracles evolution performed even though we have no empirical proof that such a thing ever happened. At the end of the program they praised the “good news of natural history!” Whatever that means. Good news? We evolved from fish and we’re going to die and just be molecules again? Is that what they mean?

Finally, heard a speaker tell of when he went to an exhibit of the Australopithecine “Lucy” bones. As they walked into the exhibit they were told to “hush.” For some dead simian bones? You have to hush like you’re entering a monastery?

Tell me Evodelusion isn’t a religion!