How Many Starving Could Star Wars Feed?

Nothing against movies. No sir. But I can’t help but ask: If a church managed to coax a half billion dollars out of the public’s pockets like Star Wars did worldwide this weekend, well, do you think anyone would have anything negative to say about that? A half BILLION dollars for a few minutes of mindless entertainment, but who’s complaining?

Merry Christmas to all, and don’t forget that Jesus doesn’t care how much you spend at the local mall. He wants you to receive His free gift of salvation. The Star of Bethlehem came quietly. No “force.” No war. Just the quiet birth of the Prince of Peace and the King of Kings. The Savior of sinful mankind.

However, when He returns as the Judge of those who refuse to repent of their sins He will make Star Wars look tame as He crushes the forces of evil under His feet.