It’s Not About “Science vs Religion”

Let me cut right to the quick: Evolution is a religious belief. The debate between “religion” and “science” is a fabricated one. Stephen J. Gould, a master at inventing catchy phrases, and one of the former High Priests of the Evolution Faith, spoke of “non-overlapping magisteria,” which was described as religion telling us how to go to Heaven, while science tells us how the heavens go. Cutesy and clever, but all part of the big deception.

How is Evolution (or what I prefer to call “Evodelusion”) a religion? Let me count the ways.

1. Over everything else, Evolution is a FAITH belief. Nobody saw everything pop out from nothing and turn itself into something all by itself. Nor does anyone see any such thing happening in the present. It is not something that can be tested and repeated to determine its validity, and nothing is currently “evolving” in the classic sense of upward complexity. Most of what we call “evolution” is going downward, involving a loss of information and less complexity, not more. So, if you believe that nothing became everything all by itself, you believe it by faith, not by sight and not by empirical evidence.

2. Evolution has its savior, popes and priesthood. Charles Darwin is its savior. Richard Dawkins thanked darwinism for making atheism “respectable.” Darwin’s word is authoritative and well-nigh infallible in the original autographa. Evolution’s popes and priesthood are the sacrosanct inner circle of evolutionary scientists who possess all knowledge and ability to decipher geological, biological, chemical and other codes that you, the ordinary Joe or Jane, cannot. You have to rely on the priesthood for their interpretations of evidence. What they tell you, for instance that you came from bacteria and fish, is not to be questioned. They use fancy, often Latin, names to impress you that they have some inside knowledge that you do not possess. Hey, some of them even wear white vestments, but they call them “lab coats.”

3. Evolutionists are rabid evangelists. Need I go into detail here? One can hardly turn to the right or left any more without being hit by some evolutionary dogma or other. In the classroom, at the theater, on television, in documentaries, in books, our modern society has been steeped in evolutionary teaching to the point that the average individual is so brainwashed that it’s almost impossible to get him or her to see through the deception.

4. Evolution has its temples. We call them Natural History Museums. Nowhere is the religion preached more fervently. And nowhere are the supposed “proofs” more vividly portrayed in such a way that will convince even diehard skeptics, as long as they don’t THINK about what they’re seeing and being told. And especially nowadays, in the computer and “smartphone” age, we have less and less reason and opportunity to do our own thinking. I recall reading one evolutionary book where the author, Donald Johanson, recounted going into a room where supposed “human ancestors” were on display, and people were whispering as if having a spiritual experience.

5. Evolution has its relics. Stones. Bones. Teeth. A recent article sent to me by a friend, which appeared in the British newspaper The Sun ( is a perfect example. I find it amazing that the discovery of a few teeth, or a bone fragment here or there, can be considered so momentous that it’s going to rewrite the history of Evolution, and this sort of headline appears on a regular basis. The Evolutionary history of mankind has been rewritten ad nauseam by now. But the fanatical adherents of Evodelusion refuse to consider that something could possibly be wrong with their beliefs.

6. Evolution has a miracle worker: Time. Things that no one would in their wildest dreams propose could happen in normal circumstances, given enough Time, become possible. It matters not how far-fetched, implausible, unscientific, untestable, unprovable or just plain stupid. If we add enough Time, miracles can happen. So, despite the fact that nothing can’t become something no matter how much Time it’s given, it happened! Despite the fact that there is no mechanism that can turn an amoeba into a man, given enough Time, the miracle happened. After all, men exist and they had to come from somewhere, right? So let’s say Time turned a bacterium into Betty and Bob, and be done with it.

7. Evolution has its god-like judgments and resurrections. Supposedly there have been numerous “extinction events.” If not for these extinction events, we wouldn’t be here! The critters and plants that died, after all, left “niches” to be filled, and sure enough, new living things, including humans, moved in and filled them. It also has its progression toward perfection, although there is absolutely no scientific reason as to WHY evolution should progress upwardly. Every known scientific force mitigates against it, whether the solubility of proteins and other things in water, cosmic ray destruction, entropy, oxidation, and so on. But it doesn’t matter. Evolution can break all the rules and just keeps marching onward and upward. But no one knows why.

8. Evolution seeks to answer the questions, “Why am I here? Where did I come from? and “Where am I going?” Those are the three questions we all ask. Evolution attempts to answer them with naturalistic, mechanistic explanations, and fails miserably. The emptiness of believing that I came from nothing, have no real purpose, and ultimately am going nowhere leaves one feeling drained and useless. While there are those who try to fabricate some kind of sense of purpose in it all, like that wonderful notion that we all came from the stars, so we’re all tied to the universe – just one big happy ball of chemicals and elements – well, there is no person alive who really, sincerely can feel fulfilled wtih that sort of empty faith.

9. Evolutionists want your money! Let’s all have a good laugh at that one! Who hasn’t heard of the “church” being accused of just being out for money. Of course, there are certain charlatans who abuse their influence and the gullibility of many people, but for the most part churches do a lot of good for their fellow man. But evolutionists are always coming up with some kind of sensational headline to garner the public interest so they can get dollars (or other currencies) to fund their “research” and projects. Found a tooth? Get it published quick! Found yet another bone that’s going to rewrite history? Let everybody know! We need money for our archaeological dig. Discovered a wobble in a distant star? Hit the papers with, “Possible life-bearing planet discovered!” Nothing of the sort was discovered, but you won’t find that out till you’re deep into the article. The “life on Mars” gimmick is one of the most common snake oil offerings that is still being used after over 100 years of discovering no life on Mars. If we give it up, we lose money. We lose projects. We lose “hope” of discovering that we’re “not alone.” Why we need to know we’re “not alone” is beyond me. Perhaps because we can’t get along here, where we are NOT alone? Maybe someone “out there” has all the answers?

10. We have to have 10 points here, or it’s just not complete. Evolution has its Holy Book. It’s full title is, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. The book that “changed the world,” written by a sickly human who was mad at God and perhaps the world. But we only hear criticism of the Bible in that regard. “It’s just a book, written by men.” But Darwin’s book? Oh, we don’t dare criticize it. It changed the world!

However, I am not aware of a single soul who was changed for the better by reading Darwin’s book. Nobody turned away from committing suicide, or was cured of alcoholism, or had his/her family restored, or transitioned from hopelessness to joy, or turned from greed to charity, or was any how, way, or form better off after reading Darwin’s book. After reading the Bible?

Millions. Not years. People.