“I’ve Got to Stop You”

I’m currently reading Doubts about Darwin : A History of Intelligent Design, by Thomas Woodward. He recounts a meeting between the late Stephen Gould and ID proponent (and author of Darwin on Trial) Phillip Johnson, just prior to the second session of a debate between the two. Gould warned Johnson that he was going to be polemical, and ended with the menacing words, “You’re a creationist, and I’ve got to stop you.”

Notwithstanding the fact that Johnson is not a creationist in the strict sense of the word (he’s a theist, but far removed from a YEC), I found that exchange to be unusual for Gould, and witnesses said Gould was visibly agitated and shaking bodily during the session. It’s no secret that he was an outspoken anti-creationist, but usually he couched his hatred of creationism in less harsh and more subtle or cynical terms.

What really “got” me about that exchange was how Evolutionists want so badly to censor or even obliterate any notion of ID or creationism, yet on the part of the latter’s adherents, I rarely if ever hear calls for censorship or erasure. What I hear instead are appeals for dialogue, for people to be able to think for themselves and make their own decisions on the matter. I myself always encourage people to study all sides of the debate (evolution, creation and ID) and come to their own conclusions, not just accept what they’re told by the “experts.”

We can only conclude that Evolutionists, being fanatical devotees of their substiute religious system, do not WANT people to know there is another side to the story and that they just “might” be wrong. Calls for censorship and annihilation of the other guy’s position usually are motivated by fear, insecurity, and/or just plain ignorance.

It’s the same with the homosexual issue. If you want to live that lifestyle, I’ll disagree with you, but I can’t force you to obey God and respect His rules about sexual conduct. I can’t force you to be a Christian, but can and will gladly dialogue with you about it; neither can or should you try to force me to accept your lifestyle as normal, but you REFUSE to dialogue with me about it. Why? Because your conscience would be bothered, that’s why. In the same way the Evolutionist would be convicted that he’s wrong, so would you, and that’s what both of you want to avoid.