Stephen Hawking Looking for ET

Stephen Hawking is teaming up with a Russian billionaire to look for extraterrestrial life. According to Hawking, there is no bigger question than whether ET exists, and it’s only going to cost $100 million to find out. A bargain at today’s ET-search prices. (Apparently SETI isn’t spending enough and hasn’t done enough in 40 years of looking.)

I’d like to suggest to Mr. Hawking that there are some WAY bigger questions, and I will herewith provide the answers – for FREE. However, if he wants to pass along a few bucks from the ET piggybank for a nice steak dinner, I won’t complain.

  1. Does God exist?
  2. Where are you going when you die?

I would suggest to anyone reading this, if you have not already done so, you can go to a local church or some Christian you know, and I’m sure they’d give you a Bible – for FREE.

You can read that Bible (for FREE) and it will tell you about God.

You will see in that Bible that you are a sinner in need of a savior, and it’s not going to be ET.

You will then see that God provided that Savior in Jesus Christ, because, rather than wasting time looking for ET so you can have a long-distance relationship with him, her, or it, God wants to have a close relationship with you NOW. And all it will cost you is to “believe” Him, rather than Stephen Hawking or any other fallible human being.

You will also see that your salvation is a FREE gift from God, because Christ paid the price, and $100 million dollars wouldn’t do it because you can’t buy salvation. He paid with His LIFE.

It’s all FREE. You’ll find out God exists, how to have a relationship with him, and why you don’t need to be looking to the heavens for some pie-in-the-sky fictitious creature who’s going to have all the answers, and wasting a sinful amount of money doing so.