The Fear-y of Evolution?

A few weeks ago a friend sent me an article from the National Review online entitled “Conservatives Shouldn’t Fear Evolutionary Theory.” (

My first response was, “What, ME fear evolutionary theory? No, I don’t fear the theory at all. It’s just an empty secular attempt at answering the questions, “Why am I here? Where did I come from? and Where am I going?” cloaking itself in the robe of science when in reality it’s a pseudo-religion.

What does scare me is how the masses fall for it without question, coupled with people like the author of the article who dedicate their evangelistic efforts to a lost cause. There’s hardly a niche in society where evolution has not crept in as an attempt to explain everything. In reality it explains nothing, because there’s no known mechanism that can make a living thing from nothing (not to mention that, ahem, we don’t even know what life is!) and cause it to increase in complexity with no external input or guidance. Mutations and Natural Selection do not create new things; they work with what’s already there, and normally degrade it. They can’t explain where things came from in the first place, and in order to do so, evolutionary theory has to break every scientific law in existence, from the laws of thermodynamics to the law of abiogenesis, and so on.

But let’s get back to the article in question. What the author proposes is… are you ready?… COMPROMISE! Can you imagine? If we just COMPROMISE our position that evolution is false, if we just give in to the current paradigm of life’s origin and meaning (none, really), if we just accept what the evolutionists are saying, well, life would be so much easier for us! Because, you see, according to the author, the theory of evolution is a “crowning achievement of Western civilization.” Imagine that! A false theory with no real meaning, no testable, provable, repeatable science behind it, a substitute for truth without pretending to know what truth is, initially propounded by a tormented soul who was obviously angry at God, is a “crowning achievement” of our civilization. So, we should just go to bed with it and prostitute ourselves for the sake of COMPROMISE.

The author claims to be an “evolutionary geneticist.” An oxymoron if ever there was one. Even someone like myself who has no formal training in genetics, but just a basic biology background, can plainly see that the information contained in the genomes of living things could not have arisen and multiplied by any evolutionary process whatsoever, and the expression of that genetic information (phenotypes) is a process so complex as to make the head swim. The real issue behind what the author is proposing is a fear, not of evolutionary theory, but of his fellow man – his peers. He is afraid to stand up and say, “This just cannot be. Evolution has no answer for the utter complexity of living things.” But no, it’s much easier to COMPROMISE. So, let’s do that.

The author claims that “science [is] built upon the ROCK of Charles Darwin’s ideas” [emphasis added]. Oh really? And what were centuries of scientific experimentation and discovery built on before that? In reality, there is not a single branch of science that needs evolutionary theory to progress. Did we need it to get to the Moon or Mars? No. Do we need it to advance medicine? Not at all. (I will not get into the tired old arguments about antibiotic resistance and such here; they’re discussed in the forum on this site, and there’s plenty of debunking material online.) Do we need evolution in structural mechanics, or forestry, or entomology, or chemistry, or physics, or… On and on the answer is a simple, “No.” The theory does nothing that could not be done without it. It does not “explain” anything scientifically. Rather, it is a platform for the invention of just-so stories, fables, myths, imaginary explanations, and just plain bunk that passes for science nowadays. Any theory that has to use the worlds “maybe, probably, could have, might have, we think, you can imagine,” and other words of uncertainty as much as evolution does is not explaining anything; it’s just trying to fill in the gaps with something that “sounds good.” Where others used to be accused of filling in gaps with the “God of the gaps” who was a scapegoat for what we could not explain, “Darwinism” has now replaced the word “God.” If there’s a gap in our understanding, we insert some imaginary evolutionary story to fill in the blanks.

Oh, then we have that “many Christians find it entirely compatible with their religious beliefs.” That’s probably because they know more about Darwinism than their Bible. And they’re called COMPROMISERS. Of course, there are many Christians, myself included, who are well-versed in both science and the Bible who do not find evolutionary theory AT ALL compatible with their beliefs, but we’re not going to hear about them in articles encouraging compromise. Why? Because if we present their side of the story, our compromising position might be exposed. Evolutionary theory is not compatible with Biblical creationism one iota. It is the complete antithesis to it. Anyone who does an honest reading of the first chapters of Genesis will recognize that there is no pattern there that is equatable with what evolutionary dogma teaches. Most of it is the exact OPPOSITE. In the Bible, the Heavens and Earth were created first, not after billions of years. That’s just for starters. Life did not undergo a process of increasing complexity. It was created fully formed and functional.

I could write a book on the rest of his article, but I’ll spare you. Read it yourself and THINK about it, please. The author does absolutely nothing to praise God, or declare His awesome wisdom as demonstrated in His creation, or to present HIM as the rock on which our belief is founded. No, instead he advocates praising evolution, as IT is the rock on which we stand, the foundation for our beliefs about who we are, where we came from, where we’re going and why we’re here. Articles like this literally turn my stomach because I don’t like COMPROMISE.

Oh, and while we’re at it, maybe the author could point out someone who has compromised their evolutionary faith and is advocating praising God, the Bible, and Creationism?

Fat chance.