Time, and Time Again

If you don’t believe what I said at the end of the article below this one, here’s another item for you from none other than Carl Sagan in his book The Varieties of Scientific Experience. It is a book in which Sagan seems obsessed with trying to demonstrate that God had nothing to do with the universe. To quote:

“Now, an essential aspect of this idea [viz, that Natural Selection “created” everything] is that you need to have enough time. If the universe is only a few thousand years old, then Darwinian evolution is nonsense. There isn’t time. On the other hand, if the Earth is a few thousand million years old, then there is enormous time, and we can at least contemplate that this is the source, as certainly all of modern biology suggests, of the complexity and beauty of the biological world.”

So, here’s what Sagan is suggesting scientists do. First, they must dismiss a priori any evidence that “suggests” that the Earth ISN’T millions of years old. Like blood cells and C-14 in dinosaur bones, for instance.

Second, they must adopt the assumption, no matter how demonstrably false, that with goddess Time, all things are possible. Oh, but forget that! They should at least “contemplate” (read: use their imaginations) that Time is the “source” of all being.

Third, they must accept, despite all evidence to the contrary, that natural selection is the engine behind all biological development, activity and “beauty,” though there is no definition of “beauty” given by Sagan. If mindless evolution is responsible for all creation, then “beauty” is a totally irrrelevant and metaphysical property that we assign to something randomly, and it has no real meaning.

HONEST scientists will admit, as many have done and more are doing, that mutations and natural selection cannot explain either the origin or the complexity of any living thing. Neither of those mechanisms has ever been shown to create anything new, or add any new, useful information to a biological entity.

So where does that leave us other than to say that Sagan’s statement is patently false, unscientific, unprovable, untestable, and downright misleading?

I guess, once again, Time will tell…

(P.S. : Darwinian evolution IS nonsense. Take it by faith.)