We’re Back!

No, did not go extinct! (No doubt to some people’s chagrin.) After a three-year hiatus, where my wife and I moved a couple of times (now happily settled in southern Arizona), and I underwent a few serious illnesses, including cancer (more on that another time, perhaps – it’s a bit of a miracle story), I’m thrilled to be able to get back to this website. My wife, who loves computer techie stuff, completely revamped the site to make it more user-friendly and smartphone accessible. The discussion board is open for your reading pleasure or displeasure, and commentary. There is no censorship of ideas here, but I do ask that you keep conversations civil, with no profanity or denigration of persons. In plain English, no calling the other person, “You idiot,” or similar. Naturally I’ve been called that and worse by those who profess to be so much wiser than I due to their intellectual belief that their ancestors were pond scum that turned to fish that turned to monkeys and finally became people, or who believe some of the other pseudoscience or politically correct dogma of our day such as the “green” movement stuff, or the “climate change” blarney. I am not one who can just sit back and watch the world go to pot as people are fed lies masquerading as science. My favorite hobby, astronomy, is not immune to being wrapped in the tentacles of pseudoscience, imagination, fantasy and science fiction masquerading as truth either, so there will be lots of commentary in that area too. Just a teaser: Heard of “star forming regions?” If you’re into astronomy at all, you have. It’s all bunk. Baloney. That’s just to whet your appetite and maybe make you mad enough to come back here!

Speaking of astronomy, and nature in general, I also enjoy photography and of late have gotten more into astrophotography too. So I’ll be sharing some images, whether of nature in general, or starry nature in particular. I’d like this site to be a learning experience both for me and the reader, visually and otherwise. In fact, here’s an image I recently took of the Trifid and Lagoon nebulae, in the constellation Sagittarius.

So please stop by frequently for some stimulating, humorous, infuriating, informative, enlightening, challenging, thought-provoking, mesmerizing commentary and articles. Is that enough hyperbole? Seriously, though, I hope you’ll stop by frequently to see what’s new in the news, what new resources are available, what interesting quotes may have surfaced (along with antidotes when applicable), and what discussions are taking place.

Years ago a friend of mine in Switzerland explained that many churches there had roosters on their steeples instead of crosses, to herald a new day after the Reformation took place. So, here’s one of our local singers, a cardinal, announcing that EvolutionIsStupid is back up and running! (He’s also thinking about how wonderful it is that evolution magically provided him with wings to fly and the ability to sing about it. Ok, maybe not…)

Welcome back to my world of skepticism and cynicism. Feel free to join in! You can click on News and Views under “Resources” to get started reading some of the past commentary. Or click on the Discussion Forum and you’ll find discussions that were in progress when the website was up and running previously.

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