The New York Daily News blasted Republican candidates for their responses to the massacre of 14 people in California by smearing “God Isn’t Fixing This” across its front page, along with comments from the candidates asking for “prayer” for the victims and their families.

No doubt that will sell plenty of newspapers. After all, if we can just blame God for the evil in the world, that makes us feel better about ourselves, doesn’t it? I recall being in the apartment of a young man who had the front page of another newspaper hanging on his wall. That headline referred to the September 11 massacre, and in huge letters just said, “WHY, GOD?”

Well, I have a more truthful, appropriate headline for the Daily News:


If you want God to “fix” things, the first thing YOU have to do is LISTEN to what He says. How about this for starters:


If man doesn’t want to hear what God has to say, how does that make GOD culpable when man commits a heinous act? And if our society sanctions this kind of behavior by first of all sensationalizing it, secondly glorifying “outlaws,” thirdly coming up with all sorts of psychological excuses for the perpetrators of evil, fourthly delaying the consequences by long, drawn-out, expensive court trials, fifthly not obeying God’s edict that “whosoever sheds man’s blood, by man will his blood be shed” (i.e., capital punishment for capital offenses), and finally offering some criminals a better life IN prison than they’d have in the outside world, then we reap the consequences.

I believe that the rampant chaos, turmoil, destruction and death that we’re seeing more and more of in this world is evidence that God is withdrawing His hand from the world, just like in the days of Noah, when God said, “My spirit will not strive with man forever…” Then came the judgment.

God reaches out to us and we slap His hand to the side. Why doesn’t the Daily News tell us all about the positive things ATHEISTS are doing to make the world a better place? They can pray to themselves and ask themselves for help, I guess. How about “GOD HATERS AREN’T FIXING THIS” for a headline?

Go ahead and have your say. Blame God. But be ready when you see Him to take a little blame yourself. Because if you have not surrendered to Him and if you are not willing to accept His word, then YOU are guilty of not accepting the fix that He DID provide for the evil in this world, and you WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

So yes, if you want to fix the world’s problems, prayer is the place to begin. Start by praying that God would fix YOUR problems. You don’t ask, you don’t receive. As Michael Jackson would have said, you need to look at “the man in the mirror” first.