What advantage is there to being an Atheist?

Started by PSALM14:1, January 12, 2014, 12:57:59 pm

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Just got done reading an article about the "Long Island Medium" and how much "insight" she has into the afterlife of the dearly departed, especially after, as is alleged, she pumps her "clients" with questions.

Another amazing example of how, even in this "intellectual" age, people can be so taken in.  Not to mention what a huge business Astrology still is.  Probably bigger than ever.  Oh, and I'll bet no one complains about mediums and astrologers "wanting your money" either.  No voluntary offerings here, just a nice big flat fee.

Primordial Puddle

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To paraphrase Chesterton:

  "When people stop believing in anything, they will believe anything."

Let me put my tin-hat on for a moment. Man is fundamentally a spiritual creature. He inclines toward it like the flower bends toward the Sun. We have had several decades now of relentless attacks on traditional Christian values and the practice of religion. The UN has a spiritual body, an NGO called the Lucis Trust. (formerly Lucifer trust). I have read that plans are afoot for a new,global, gnostic religion, under UN auspices,that will be all things to all men. It will, in essence be a new form of global Luciferian worship. Currently I believe the global spiritual slate is being wiped clean through social engineering, in order to create a void to be filled by the UN.

The Lucis trust has it's roots in theosophy. Lots of good info on line.Constance Cumby wrote about the plans in her book, ' The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism'.


Wow, haven't heard the name Constance Cumbey in quite some years.  I think I still have her book.  Will have to check.

You might do some research on the Trilateral Commission too.  Lucis will take care of the one world religion, while the Trilateral will handle the one world economy.


I will have to look into that too. So to answer the OP's question, the only advantage that there is to being an atheist is thinking you are smart because you don't believe in God. All the atheists I have known or met on the internet seem to think they are so smart, and talk like they are scientists when they haven't conducted any real data of their own.


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This morning in church we had a young lady who works with children roughly age 6-10 all over the world give a talk about her work and experiences with the kids.  She started out by showing photos of 3x5 cards on which children wrote their requests for prayer.  Some were really moving, and I was amazed how many of them expressed a desire to just know what their purpose was in life.  "Why am I here?"  "What is my purpose?"

But the one that really hit me was the girl who wanted just to know she was more than a "speck."

So, how would the Atheist respond?  The Neil DeGrasse Tysons and Richard Dawkins of the world would respond,

"You ARE just a speck."  In fact, you're a speck on a speck floating in the midst of nothingness.  You came from stardust.  Oh, but isn't that wonderful?  It makes you feel like you're part of the universe!  You have stardust in you!  You used to be a microbe, but now you're a nobody who can THINK about how you used to be a microbe."

WOW.  Just makes me want to go out and preach it to the children of the world.  Doesn't it do that for you too?


The author of this is Mormon, but the message is excellent, short and to the point.

Clay Christensen on Religious Freedom



That makes some pretty cogent, and hard-to-deny, points.


Perhaps this will give our Atheist friends yet another perspective on the question of the emptiness of the philosophy to which they so dearly adhere.