Will the stories ever stop?

Started by kidvino125, March 20, 2014, 04:48:20 pm

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LOL!  This has to be one of the best ever.  Today a story appeared about how chimpanzees throwing rocks and piling them up "might" "suggest" a belief in God!  WOW!  It just might suggest that!  Or it might suggest something else.  Or it might suggest even another something else, depending on to whom it's suggesting it.  Here's a brief quote from the stupidity (oh, and you gotta have a PhD to believe this stuff, don't forget!):

"New footage of West African chimpanzees shows them throwing rocks against trees for no observable reason, prompting scientists to wonder whether they are performing a kind of religious ritual."

It prompted scientists to wonder!  Of course, they didn't wonder that maybe the chimps didn't like the trees.  And they didn't wonder if the "ritual" was the roots of the game of baseball.  And they didn't wonder if the chimps were just checking out their aim.  No, they wondered if it was a "religious ritual."  Why?  Because that fits their agenda, that's why.

nathan hogroast

this will give you a good belly laugh john.

The scientists, whose findings are based on sophisticated statistical analysis and fossil evidence, believe the meteor impact 66 million years ago finished off a process that was already well under way.

i ran the above statement through google translate and it came out thus......

The story tellers, whose findings are based on a godless world view and fossil evidence from a global flood, believe the meteor impact 66 million years ago finished off a process that was already well under way.


Don't you love it?  I think what these guys do is have brainstorming sessions to see who can come up with a new blarney story that will gain media attention.  I particularly liked this statement:

"Our work is ground-breaking in that, once again, it will change our understanding of the fate of these mighty creatures."

Their work is "ground-breaking."  Un, yeah.  Beng interpreted, we're looking for grant money.  Oh, and of course, once again (I've lost count) we're going to change our understanding of something or other having to do with evolution.

So, again we ask the question, "Will the stories ever stop?"  And we know the answer.


Speaking of which, someone just sent me this item, which fits right in with my "Climate Change" article currently on the Home Page:  http://barbwire.com/2016/04/18/another-darwinian-fairy-tale/