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Started by PSALM14:1, July 16, 2015, 08:46:49 am

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It occurred to me today that, since we can't even figure out what sex we are any more, it's no wonder we can't figure out what a planet is!


Did it ever occur to you, Psalm, that maybe Pluto feels like it was a moon born into a planets body? Huh?


No, I hadn't thought of that.  So this is potentially a real identity crisis.  To make it worse, Pluto is actually sometimes the 8th planet because it goes within Neptune's orbit (for a period of a few years).  So, like cross-dressing, would that be called "cross-orbiting?"


You know, something else occurred to me.  Demoting Pluto to "dwarf" status is not only NOT celebrating "diversity," but it's also not a very politically correct way of describing a "diameter-challenged" celestial orb.


As I was saying above, we now have the University of California giving the following options for "gender identity" on admission forms, according to a FOX News article:

"male, female, trans male/trans man, trans female/trans woman, gender queer/gender non-conforming and 'different identity'"

This is supposed to be a good thing.  Funny that the question of "what sex were you 'assigned' at birth" [emphasis mine] only gives "male or female."

This generation is totally out of control.  What used to be considered insanity is now normal.  What used to be considered science fiction is now science.  What used to be considered ignorant, uneducated behavior is now not just acceptable but applauded. 

So where do we go from here?  Pluto maybe.  Oh wait, Stephen Hawking is telling us we need to expand across the Solar System or be doomed!  So yeah, let's export our trashed societies to outer space.



Yes, love that!  What a time we're living in, when we can see photos from space like that.  So do you think the spacecraft is a product of intelligent design?  I'll bet the Plutonians are arguing about that right now!  Let's see:  They have no idea where it came from.  They did not see a creator, so it looks like something that was just thrown together in space.  For all they know, it contains the building blocks of Plutonian life as it was powered by plutonium.  Of course, the Plutonians don't know it was called plutonium by earthlings, but that's ok.  We don't know what the seeds from outer space that allegedly brought life to Earth were called on the planet Zorkon either.

You can have all kinds of evolutionary storytelling fun with this!